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From The Desk Of: Imran Qureshi
Date: August 28, 2015


Dear Friend,

Every single day people are making hundreds and THOUSANDS of dollars on the internet.

These people work from their own home, they usually only work just a few hours each week, and they easily earn over 6 figures every single year.

Sound too good to be true?

Well I GUARANTEE you that ANYONE can work from home – just a few hours each week – and earn THOUSANDS of dollars each month!

And if you give me just a few minutes of your time I am going to show you how you can start your own business – in only 1 day - without any skills, know-how or experience.

"Instant Pays Sites has been a
consistent money maker for me!

Hi Imran,

Instant Pays Sites has been a consistent money maker for me because of the value you give, the quality products that you offer and it is very easy to sell your program, I look forward to a long business relationship. Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
Michael Gentry, USA

Start Your Own Home-Based Business Today And Watch
As You Receive Sales Payment Directly!

Everyone wants to earn money online – but only 5% of the population knows how to design websites, write copy and host their sites to sell a product...

That leaves 95% of the population without any options – and without any chance to earn serious profits and create a home business...

But not anymore!

Now you have the opportunity to sell your own products without doing any of the major work yourself.

This is a new, revolutionary secret that these internet marketing "gurus" don't want you to know about...

You see, I have developed a system where I hand you absolutely everything you need to start a home business that allows you to make money from home.

home business You can forget about putting in months of research!
home business You can forget about designing your own websites (or paying a freelancer hundreds of dollars to do it for you)!
home business You can forget about struggling with the sales copy!
home business You can forget about wasting BIG money on traffic and advertising!

With my new system, all you have to do is have a PayPal account, and you can collect massive amounts of cold, hard cash every single month.

Now, I am going to tell you the 3 POWERFUL ways you can earn big profits in just a minute... but first I want you to completely understand how simple and easy my new system really is...

The Hottest Opportunity to Make Internet Millions

I have just developed a new system especially for someone who wants to earn money with internet marketing... but doesn't have the time to learn web design, copywriting, and 100 other new skills.

"The Best Monthly
Income BOOSTER I've Found!

Hello Imran,

Guess who ; )

Yes it's me Roy Fielding, you know the guy who you send money to almost everyday.... that's just my residuals too folks.. Yes I have around 45 referrals so far since launch..

So at $5.00 monthly per referral.. It's not bad so far right?

Oh, and that does not include my eBook sales from my main store either.. and when folks say it's EASY to set up and start?

Believe Them!

I was set up in around 10 minutes, and making referrals too!

Truly to Our Success,
Roy Fielding, USA

My new system is perfect for a 1st time marketer because it allows you to get started in only 1 day
– and it does all the work for you!

Why struggle to build your own website, your own product and drive your own traffic when you can have it all done for you?

Why would you work for month on end to earn just a few bucks – when you can start making BIG PROFITS in just 1 day?

Why would you want to use anything else to get your home business started?


Before you make up your mind and rush to join right now, I want to explain to you EXACTLY what InstantPaySites.com is and exactly how it works to bring in thousands of dollars each month.

"I've hardly had to lift a finger"

I've tried several programs online and spent a small fortune on ebooks, softwares and the like... and I still hadn't made one thin dime. It's so frustrating. I didn't really know what I was doing, until I came across Instant Pay Sites. I made my first sale within hours of promoting and it was followed up by even more. Now, just 2 weeks later, I'm well and truly in profit. And I've hardly had to lift a finger! Hats off to your professionalism and great customer support. I'm impressed!

Gary Arnold
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

InstantPaySites.com Gives You Your Own Home-Based Business (and the potential for a massive income)
In Just 1 Day!

InstantPaySites.com is a simple, powerful and incredibly easy way for you to sell info products online without having to do any of the major work yourself.

InstantPaySites.com is a membership site that you join – benefit from – and earn with!

When you join InstantPaySites.com you won't need to find the info products, you won't need to write the sales copy or design the website, you don't even need to find web-hosting.

You get to skip all the development and set-up and let us take care of it. We will even deliver the product once your customers buy from you.

Our System Is So User-Friendly,
You Can Be Up & Running In Minutes
By Following Just 3 Steps!

All you have to do is:

Step 1:
Join InstantPaySites.com Today & Login to the Members Area!

homes business reviews

Step 2:
Update your Profile with your correct PayPal Email Id!

home business ideas

Step 3:
And receive 100% of the sales money direct to your PayPal account!

It really is just that easy!

Now that you know HOW you are going to put InstantPaySites.com to work for you, I want to explain EXACTLY how you are going to EARN your profits.

The 3 Ways You Will Bring In a 6-Figure Income from InstantPaySites.com

While everyone else is wasting months creating their websites and their products and working WAY TOO HARD for WAY TOO LITTLE...

You are going to join InstantPaySites.com and start earning the big bucks in just a few short days.


Well, with InstantPaySites.com you have 3 different ways you can bring in massive profits.

home business

Money-Making Option #1:

This is the most obvious way you are going to make money... you are going to sell information products via the IPS Store. We are going to create the sales letter for you, design the website for you, we do everything for you – all you have to do is collect the check!

But just in case you want your store to be a little more customized, we offer you a few advanced features like:

  • Customizable Store Logo
  • Title
  • Punch line
  • Add to Cart
  • Featured Products
  • Newsletter Subscription box
  • Different Store Color themes
  • Product categories
  • And more!
home business

Money-Making Option #2:

The next two options are where you can DOUBLE and TRIPLE your income... With this option you can actually sell products individually via the individually hosted sales page for each and every product that we have in our products directory.

You don't have to do any of the work – you just have to post the pre-made sales page design on your website or blog... and you keep ALL of the profits!

home business

Money-Making Option #3:

This is where your profits can REALLY get big!

Every new person that you refer to InstantPaySites.com will earn you an Affiliate commission of $5 EACH MONTH! If you refer 20 new people to InstantPaySites.com every month, then your referral payment will be $100 the first month, $200 the second month, $300 the 3rd month... and it will just continue to grow and snowball!

Even if you stop referring new clients, you will STILL receive your $5 each month from your old referrals... this really starts adding up month after month...

And the best part is that this is just the ADDED money you are going to make ON TOP OF the products sales!

Are you starting to see just how powerful and profitable InstantPaySites.com really is?

The possibilities are truly endless... and the market is hotter than ever.

Working From Home Has Never Been So Lucrative! Show Me The Money!
Real Proof Of Income

starting a home business

Click the image above to view the screen shots showing the proof of income that i have been able to generate with Instant Pay Sites Home Business System. It will give you a good idea of the income potential you can expect with this work from home business opportunity.


You CAN Build Your Very Own, Highly Profitable Internet Based Business with InstantPaySites.com

And with InstantPaySites.com...

home business You don't have to deal with customer service, shipping or returns of any kind... You are going to let someone else have that hassle!
home business You don't have to spend months upon months creating a product... because you don't need a product at ALL!
home business You don't have to worry about technical problems and you don't have to learn ANYTHING about building or maintaining a website because all of my tools are "point and click" easy!
home business You don't have to worry about making mistakes because I've already done all the trial and error for YOU!
home business AND you can get started with a very little investment!

InstantPaySites.com is exactly what you need to get your home-based business off the ground and running!

And the best part is that you can get started in just 1 day... all you need is a PayPal account and a willingness to succeed!

Your Complete Plug-N-Play System...
Ready to Go To Work for You!

There are hundreds of thousands of people online – right now – who earn MILLIONS of dollars each and every year.

And now you have the chance to get everything that you need to start your own home-based internet business with InstantPaySites.com.

home business It doesn't matter how long you have been trying or how hard you have been working to get your internet marketing business off the ground...
home business It doesn't matter if you have never even taken the first step...
home business It doesn't matter if you are feeling lost or confused...

InstantPaySites.com will allow you to go from 0 profits to MAJOR SUCCESS faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And the best part is that everything is done for you!

home business All of the finding, researching and creating the products you offer online... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the creating the associated sales page for each product... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the designing the web sites to sell your products... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the hosting your web pages, products and graphics on your own product sales pages... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the processing the orders you receive... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the completing the sales and building your customer list... DONE FOR YOU!
home business All of the answering customer support requests and back-end support... DONE FOR YOU!

BEWARE: I Must Warn You!

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is trying to sell you the magical secret of earning money online.

And the truth is that there are several different ways to make BIG BUCKS with internet marketing, but you MUST beware!

You can buy a guide or a so-called method from someone who claims to be earning top-dollar online... but all you are going to get are instructions!

You STILL have to waste weeks- if not months – creating the content, the website, the graphics, the sales letter and the products.


You can pay about 10 different freelancers anywhere between $3,000 to $7,500 to create it all for you!

And that is just for 1 website and 1 method of income!

But you are looking for a better way...

You are looking for the simple, fast and revolutionary new way to earn BIG BUCKS with internet marketing!

You are looking for the system that the big-name guru's DOn'T want you to know about (because they don't want you to steal their customers and their profits)!

You are looking for a way to start selling information products online - and eliminate the hard work, the struggle and provide you with MULTIPLE streams of income INSTANTLY!

And with InstantPaySites.com, you finally have found what you have been looking for!

There Is No Product on the Market That Does What InstantPaySites.com Does

Here's what you'll receive when you signup as an InstantPaySites.com member today

home business opportunity

You get a professionally designed IPS Store packed with 240+ products. And it is loaded with great features like:

Instant Pay Sites Store

1. Fully customizable options where you can:
  1. Edit the Store Logo
  2. Edit the Color
  3. Edit the Title
  4. Edit the Punch line & Description
  5. Store comes along with a fully-featured Shopping Cart that allows your customers to buy multiple products.
2. Store includes sections like:
  1. Featured Products
  2. Best Sellers & New Products
  3. Also, you can put up to 3 links & 3 banners of your other websites or affiliate programs on the store
3. You can also offer products in a bundle for a reduced price!

work from home

Over 140+ Minisites

Over 240+ Mini-Sites already designed for you. These sites offer highly sought after, top quality products. We've chosen the absolute best niches markets that virtually sell on autopilot, so you can make money from home.

Imagine 240+ websites just like the example websites shown below designed for YOU.

Click Here to View all 240+ Mini-Sites


home business opportunities

Complete Hosting Solution
All the 240+ Mini-Sites & Your IPS Store are hosted on our Servers. We also look after the day to day maintenance of all the websites. That means you save good amount of money & valuable time every month.


small business

Branded With Your Name

All the 240+ Mini-Sites & Your IPS Store are Branded with your name. You don't need to manually put your name on every site.

All you need to do is Edit Your Profile with the name you want to display & your name magically starts appearing on all the Mini-Sites & the IPS Store.


5 New Products Every Month

Every month we will add at least 3 hot new products from different in-demand niches. All the new products will be instantly available for you to sell & profit from.

You simply can't lose out when you're offering such high quality, in-demand products like the ones we hand pick for you.


Automated Turnkey System
A completely automated turnkey system that processes your orders for you, follows up with your clients for you, and sends ALL THE PROFITS direct to your PayPal account. It's literally like having a sales team doing all the work for you!


Get Paid Directly
100% of the profits to keep for yourself, delivered straight into your PayPal account in real-time. Your dreams to make money at home will come true!


Hands-Free System

A system so technologically advanced, that you don't need to know any technical jargon, or install scripts, or do anything that you're unsure of. It's all completely done for you, and is entirely hands-free!

Do you see what we mean when we said we've removed the "too hard" factor from the equation...


Marketing Resources and Tools

We even tell you how you can attract hoards of new prospects to your sites with our exclusive marketing plan, included in your membership. You'll have immediate access to a vault of marketing resources and tools to help promote your websites inside the member's area.

And – as you can see – with InstantPaySites.com you can go to have everything that you need to start your own home based business TODAY!

You Will Never Find Another Offer Like This ANYWHERE!

This is the most complete system you will ever find because no one else is willing to spend the time and the money that I have spent in order to bring you everything you need to start your own business and start making money in just 1 day!

You don't have to do any ground-work!

You don't have to outsource anything!

All you have to do is join InstantPaySites.com and
keep all the profits for yourself!

Most people spend months researching and sourcing their products... then they pay to outsource their website, their sales letter and their content!

They spend so much time and so much money!

But you have the rare and unique opportunity to actually SAVE time and money!

And you can actually start making money tomorrow – you don't have to wait!

Are You Ready For The Freedom, The Financial Windfall And The Success You Are About
To Give Yourself?

I want you to take a minute and imagine joining InstantPaySites.com today. I want you to imagine having your very own internet business TODAY – without any of the work and without any of the hassle.

I want you to imagine your first payment and the feeling of pride that you are going to have when you receive it in only a few short weeks.

Now I want you to imagine that payment doubling, tripling and growing more and more each and every month!

Imagine earning $1,000, $2,000, even $3,000 in just 1 month!

Imagine being able to quit your dead-end job and start working for yourself. Imagine being able to afford the finer things in life that you deserve to have!

Imagine exactly what you are going to do with your extra time, your new found freedom, your extra money and your new life.

Now quit dreaming – it's time for you to take action and make all of this a reality!

It's time for you to join InstantPaySites.com and put this ground-breaking system to work for you and become the success you know you can become.

Your Own Home-Based Business...
Just Waiting For You to Claim It!

I want you to take a few minutes and look over these screenshots... this is what your new internet business will look like:

Pretty impressive, isn't it?

And this could be your! You don't have to waste your money with outsourcing; you don't have to waste your time with research.

This is EXACTLY what your IPS Store will look like, only you will be able to personalize it with 1 simple form in seconds!

All you do is join today and start raking in the profits as soon as tomorrow!

It's just that easy!

Let me show you a few of the mini-sites you will have access too...

Imagine Over
240+ Mini-Sites

All Hosted On Our
Servers & Linked
To Your Paypal Id!

This is EXACTLY what you will have access to... only you will have access to 240+ of these!
Complete with the product, with the thank you pages, with the customer service.

All you have to do is join InstantPaySites.com and collect your check!

Skip The Research, The Outsourcing And The
Time Wasters... Order Now And Own Your
Own Product TODAY!

When you join InstantPaySites.com you are going to have EVERYTHING you need to become the online success you deserve to be.

You are going to skip all the hard work, all the confusing problems and you are going to jump straight to the big profits.

And in just 1 day you are going to have you own internet business that will completely change your income and change your life!

AND... each month InstantPaySites.com will bring you 5 new products for you to continue to add to your profits with!

AND... you get to keep adding to your referrals and letting those commissions grow and snowball each and every month.

Can you even imagine the amount of money you are going to be earning in just 6 months from now?

What are you going to do with the extra THOUSANDS that you are bringing in each month?

Are you going to quit your job?

Take a vacation?

Buy a new car?

Save for retirement?

Whatever you decide to do, you should know that ALL your friends and all of your family are going to be incredibly impressed – and they are going to BEG you for your secrets!

I know how good it feels to finally accomplish your dream and make the income that you deserve.

I know how good it feels to finally give yourself and your family the security that they deserve.

And now you have the chance to do it all, just by joining InstantPaySites.com right now!

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To See Your Dreams Come True?

I know that you are probably thinking that I'm going to charge an arm and a leg for a membership that is so simple and so profitable.

And when you think about all InstantPaySites.com can do for you, your success and your future... it's easy to see how most people would assume I'm going to charge $300, $400 or even $500 dollars each month.

And it's true that InstantPaySites.com gives you everything you need to make HUGE profits – without any work. I know that IF I DID charge $500 you could make it back within a few weeks!

But I'm not going to charge you $500.... I'm not even going to charge you $100 dollars a month for a membership to InstantPaySites.com.

Really, the price is unbelievable!

I want to make it affordable for you, so I have decided to only charge you $12.95 a month for complete and total access to InstantPaySites.com and everything it offers!

For less than the price of lunch you are going to start your own internet business!

And to think that with a measly investment of $12.95 you are going to be able to claim your own piece of internet fortune and start living the life of your dreams.

But I know that some of you might still be skeptical, and this is why I am going to make you an offer that NO ONE will be willing to make...

I Am Even Willing To Guarantee Your Success!

That's right! I know that you are going to finally have everything that you need to make your home business dream a reality – without any more confusion, doubt or worry.

And I am so sure that InstantPaySites.com will give you everything you need to create and grow your profit-pulling, money-generating, success-building business quickly and easily that I am willing to guarantee your personal success!

You have a FULL 30 days to test, use and try out everything and just see for yourself how simple and easy it is going to be to generate LOADS of profits each and every month!

But, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with InstantPaySites.com, then all you have to do is let me know and I will refund every dime of your membership.

Of course, you are open to cancel at any time. But this offer is just my way of going that extra step to eliminate all your doubt and take away all your risk.

Really, you have nothing to lose by ordering today... your success is guaranteed... the system is easy to use... all you really need is the desire to create a new life for yourself...

But that's not all...
home business

Just look at the Fantastic Bonuses you'll receive when you signup to start your own InstantPaySites home business today!

home based business

When you join InstantPaySites.com you aren't just going to receive a complete internet business – ready to earn you major profits...

When you join InstantPaySites.com you are also going to receive 1 amazing bonus gift...

small business ideas

20 Download Credits

I give you 20 download credits that you can use to download any product of your choice inside your members area. Normally these credits are sold separately inside the member's area... but I am giving them to you today for FREE!


So, Are You Ready To Get Started?

You know that InstantPaySites.com is the only thing that you need to change your life, give yourself financial freedom and make yourself a HUGE success.

Isn't it time you took that first step and got everything you deserve and want out of life?

Isn't it time for you to know what it feels like to finally work for yourself, to finally have the money pouring in, to finally get the respect that you deserve?

With InstantPaySites.com you can have all of that and more, but you have to join RIGHT NOW!

You are going to gain immediate access to:

home business Professionally Designed & Hosted IPS Store!
home business IPS Store Loaded with over 240+ Products!
home business IPS Store loaded with Some Great Features!
home business Over 240+ Mini-Sites Hosted on Our Server!
home business All Mini-Sites & IPS Store Linked to Your PayPal Id!
home business You Keep 100% of the Profits From Product Sales!
home business Receive FREE Advertising Resources to help you Promote Your Websites!
home business Earn $5 Per Referral Every Month as Recurring Affiliate Commissions!

Nothing in your life is ever going to change until you TAKE ACTION and make it happen!

Don't delay, join InstantPaySites.com right now and let's get started building your new life together!


Not for $100...

Not even $50...

Your Investment would be
Just a ONE-TIME payment of $27 only!

Click The JOIN NOW Button Below To Get Started!

Click Here To Join Instant Pay Sites!

If you have any further questions that haven't been answered in this web page, please feel free to click the Contact Us link in the top menu, and submit your question. I will do my very best to answer you at the earliest opportunity.

To Your Quick Success,

Imran Qureshi

Imran Qureshi

P.S. InstantPaySites.com is the most heavily guarded secret on the internet because it is the ONLY place where you can get ALL the benefits without wasting your time with all the research, creation and development.

InstantPaySites.com allows you to create your own home business in ONLY 1 DAY! So... you will see results almost instantly!

InstantPaySites.com is the solution that you have been waiting on... today is your lucky break.

Don't let it pass by you... JOIN TODAY and start collecting the HUGE PROFITS that you deserve!

P.P.S. You really have nothing to lose because I guarantee your own personal success. I am giving you a FULL 30 days to try and test InstantPaySites.com.

If you aren't 100% satisfied then all you have to do is let me know and I will refund every last cent back to you immediately.

I know that if you just join InstantPaySites.com you WILL have the success that you deserve and you WILL start earning the profits and living the life that you have only dreamed of. Don't let this amazing opportunity slip away... Join Right Now!

"The BEST Home Business
Is This One!

This is the best. Thank you so much for making my life a whole lot easier. With the income I've earned from my site, I've been able to switch to part-time work instead of full-time. As a mother with 3 children, that makes a huge difference in my life.

Maureen Paulson
Alberta, Canada

Click Here To JOIN Instant Pay Sites!

Earning Disclaimer: The purpose of showing my real earnings from Instant Pay Sites Home Business System is not to get you excited. But, to prove that I indeed deserve some attention from you. And, to also prove that you can really make a nice amount of money working from home via the internet. Instant Pay Sites Home Business System is a Complete Plug & Play System. But, you should be willing to work hard & should have a will to Succeed. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Spam Policy: SPAM is a serious problem on the Internet. InstantPaySites.com does not use or tolerate SPAM. Any affiliate that uses SPAM to promote "InstantPaySites.com" will be immediately and forever removed from the affiliate program and will not receive commissions on any sales made. Please help me in finding the spammer that contacted you. Please forward a copy of the spam email you received to: admin(at)instantpaysites(dot)com

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